How Should A Muslim Deal With Low Self-Esteem

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There is no denying the fact that humankind has progressed leaps and bounds in terms of the standard of living compared to earlier civilization. However, all the progression, facilities and ease in life have still not been able to fill the void that is left in the personality of a person. Therefore, this age of progression and speed has increased the problem of low self-esteem exponentially.

Low self-esteem is one of the greatest personality problems of the present age. Due to the competition that has given birth to selfishness, people have grown inconsiderate of each other and this inconsiderate behavior of them against others have caused the later to nourish low self-esteem problems in them. The lines below discuss how a Muslim should deal with low self-esteem issue.

In Quran Allah Almighty says:

“Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould)” (95:4)

One of the major reasons behind depression is the thought that I or we are born in a way that is inferior compared to the ones who are better than others. This ayah is in negation of this thought as in this ayah Allah Almighty clearly states that all people are born in the best of stature. Therefore, being born black or white, being born in a poor or rich family all do not matter as every child that is born is created with the best intentions and best of beauty by Allah Almighty. This also means that we share the same gifts as do the other people hence our birth should have minimal effect on what we make of ourselves and should not be given importance pertaining to self-esteem.

At another place in Quran Allah Almighty says:

“Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?” (23:115)

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Another major factor that causes low self-esteem issue in people is their thinking that their life does not matter or it does not have a purpose. Sooner or later their always comes a time in the life of a person when he or she thinks that the life which they are living does not matter and they have no real purpose to serve. A Muslim should never nourish such a feeling in his or her mind as Allah Almighty has clearly stated in the abovementioned ayah that every human being is born with a purpose. Therefore, the thought your life means nothing is wrong. Allah has created you for a purpose and instead of thinking bad and low about yourself you must strive towards finding the purpose for which Allah Almighty has created you. If you don’t give up you will definitely find your purpose in life and that will bring peace to you.

One needs to be confident about him or herself in order to avoid low self-esteem issues, however, the one thing to be cautious about is not turning this confidence into arrogance and pride. The presence of arrogance and pride is as evil and as menacing as low self-esteem. This pride is the same thing that caused Satan to be expelled from the court of Allah. As Quran says about the claim of Satan:

“I am better than he, You created me from fire, and You created him from clay.” (38:76)

In short, a Muslim must never lose hope and give place to issues associated with low self-esteem in his or her mind or heart. He or she must remember the fact that Allah Almighty has created all humans equal and He is the Lord of all. Moreover, when dealing with low self-esteem and after coming out of it a Muslim must also remember that the losses should never be replaced by pride or arrogance as it is more dangerous than low self-esteem.

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